Google makes Google Chat feature available to all Gmail users, up from G-Suite users only

In August last year, Google launched Google Workspace (G-Suite) users’ Google Meet, Chat, and Rooms tabs in Gmail, and about eight months later, Google is reportedly offering chat integration for personal accounts as well. Is happening.

Google has taken steps to replace the Hangouts service with Google chats, and has made this feature available to all Google users.

However, as Twitter user Pratik Goswami points out, this chat integration is not enabled by default and to enable this chat option on your Android phone, go to Settings in Gmail and select “Chat (Early Access) under” General “. You need to tap on the check box.

After you activate it, your phone’s Gmail app will restart, and then you will see two new tabs at the bottom of the Gmail app, Chat and Rooms.

Google also offers an option to prevent every chat message from being notified twice.

With this chat integration you can access all your conversations from a single app, and since this feature is still at an early access level, it does not provide a completely flawless experience.

However, just by enabling this chat option, you can also disable this feature by unchecking the “Chat (Early Access)” checkbox.

XDA-Developers website further states that this feature is available to most users with the latest version of the Gmail app for Android (version 2021.03.07.364486182).

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