The latest update to Google Play Music gives you the ability to hide the app on your phone

Currently, users around the world are getting the latest update of the Google Play Music app for Android, which allows you to hide the Google Play Music app from your phone’s app drawer.

This update comes just weeks after Google Play Music users using Google Takeout removed the option to download their music library, and this latest Google Play Music update (v. 8.29.9112-1.W) is already available through the Play Store. Google is working to make it available to users.

After installing the update, the message “Google Play Music is no longer available” will appear on the screen, but below that message you will see a new “Free up space” option and in this section you can hide the Google Play Music app. , The ability to delete local data and open the app info.

The hide option here allows you to hide the Google Play Music app from your home screen and app drawer, where you do not even have the ability to open it.

The Delete all local data option removes the data saved on your device and the Open app info option brings you to the “App info” page.

With the new Google Play Music update, this app focuses on pre-installed devices, and on such devices, the Google Play Music app is installed as a system app and can only be disabled from the “App info” page. .

This update does not make any difference to devices that come with YouTube Music pre-installed, as it has the ability to uninstall just like any other app you downloaded from the Play Store.

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