Spotify introduces ‘Hey Spotify’ voice command to control voice music

Spotify is one of the most popular streaming services in the world and they are constantly introducing new features to their users.

Over the years, it has been reported that Spotify is preparing to introduce the ‘Hey Spotify’ voice command, and Spotify is currently working to introduce the feature to Spotify users using iOS and Android devices.

When you receive this feature, you will receive a notification through the Spotify app, which will allow you to turn on the “Hey Spotify” feature.

Then, after opening the Spotify app and saying the “Hey Spotify” voice command, you will be able to skip, pause or play a song via Spotify, as well as play a playlist or radio station of your choice.

The “Play something I like” command also allows you to select and play random songs from your Daily Mix playlists.

Spotify’s privacy policy for the use of this voice data states that Spotify only has recordings and transcriptions of searches performed by the voice button or wake phrase.

However, iOS users can use the “Hey Siri” command and Android users can control the play and playback of songs and podcasts in the same way through their voice assistants via the “Hey Google” command, but “Hey Spotify” voice With the introduction of the command, with a device like “Car things”, it can be speculated that Spotify will launch its own hardware in the near future.

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