With the latest edition of Google Earth, we are working to make an amazing discovery about the catastrophic climate change facing the Earth

As you already know, we are constantly talking about climate change and climate change, as well as various environmental issues such as global warming, glacial melting, and rising sea levels.

But this series of serious events, for which there is still no proper answer, is sure to have adverse consequences for mankind in the near future.

Meanwhile, Google has come up with a different way to focus on this disaster, so if you are a Google Earth user, you will now be able to see exactly how the Earth’s climate and geography have changed over time.

Google has introduced this feature with the latest version of Google Earth and named it “Timelapse”.

The “Timelapse” feature allows you to watch a movie about how a place on Earth has changed over the past 40 years, including the beautiful natural environment, as well as the nature that has been destroyed by ugly human activity.

Enabled with 24 million satellite imagery compiled into a 4D experience, this feature allows anyone to see how the world has changed and to get a better picture of the environmental challenges we now face and to create better solutions to them.

Google has also partnered with Carnegie Mellon University’s CREATE Lab for the project, which collects data on “changes in forests, urban growth, warming temperatures, sources of energy and fragile beauty”.

Google will continue to work with this project in the future, and you will have the opportunity to see every change that takes place on our planet.

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