The latest Apple products to arrive in 2021

Now Apple has announced some of their new products at their 2021 event (spring loaded). This event is Apple’s first event for 2021. So these new products are redesign iMac, new iPad Pro, Apple AirTag and next generation Apple TV 4K. Also, a new purple color for the iPhone 12 could be seen at this event.

Now Apple has announced their latest iPad Pro tablets. So now Apple’s M1chip has come to the iPad Pro as well. This iPad Pro can take care of an 8-core CPU, this 8-core design can take care of a 50% faster CPU as well as an 8-core GPU, so you can take care of a 40% faster CPU. Now you can use playstation controllers to play games on the iPad Pro. You can also take care of a 2TB storage configuration now. However, the special feature of this is that now the Thunderbolt feature has been given to the iPad Pro. So because of this data can be transferred quickly. Now you can watch 5G on your iPad.

The other product that was updated at this event was the iMac. So this iMac has been completely redesigned. Talking about the updated features of this redesigned iMac, we can see an improved thermal system, magnetic power connector, seven new colors, 24-inch dispaly, 1080p facetime time HD camera and four usb-c ports. So this new iMac now supports an external 6K. And another updated product is Apple TV, now we can stream 4K from next generation Apple TV. So we think all these products will come to Sri Lanka soon.

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