Google Tensor launches Whitechapel chipset for Google Pixel phones

It has been revealed that a chip called Google Tensor, which is being developed by Google, will be used for the Pixel 6 series and later Pixel phones. So Google is expected to launch their latest Google Pixel 6 Series later this year.

Let’s see what Google’s new “Google Tensor Chip” is all about.

Google Silicon 101 (GS101) or “Google Tensor”

As you probably know, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Chips have long been used for pixel phones. So this time it is going to change with the upcoming Pixel 6 series. With the unveiling of the latest chip “Google Tensor” that Google co-designed with Samsung.

This is an 8 core, 5nm, ARM powered chip. It was originally known by the code name “Whitechapel” when Google co-developed the chip with Samsung.

This was seen on the internet as “GS 101”. GS stands for “Google Silicon” and 101 stands for Google’s First Chip. However, with the co-design of Samsung, we can assume that Tensor Chips will get some of the features of Samsung’s ARM Exynos Chips.

“Tensor” is an important mathematical term used in machine learning. Not surprisingly, Google uses the same name for their latest chips as part of the AI ​​features of the Pixel 6 Series. For example, Google has developed its Tensor chip to implement computer photography formats such as HDR.

According to The Verge website, the Tensor Processing Unit (Tensor Processing Unit) – (TPU) inside the Tensor chip enables HDRNet to run on every frame of a video, up to 4K 30fps. The main camera also helps to reduce the blurriness of the photos by combining several photos at once into one HDR photo and getting the details from the photos taken by the Ultra Wide-angle camera.

The Tensor Chip also allows the Ultra Wide-Angle Camera to capture more detail when shooting photos at higher speeds while the main cam captures scenes and captures colors.

We know that Google has always used its AI effects to make photos taken with pixel phones more attractive. But now they have also used the Tensor Chip to get more power for the AI ​​features of the Pixel Device.

Google claims that the Google Tensor chip is a great support for voice recognition, translate, and captions. According to the Washington Post, the Pixel 6 is reported to be able to “generate live translated captions” when you watch or listen to content in another language.

From the above information it can be seen that Google has designed its Tensor Chip based on Al features.

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