Samsung is set to launch a 576MP camera sensor similar to the human eye within the next 4 years.

South Korean technology giant Samsung is already working on upgrading its camera sensors. Last week, they launched the Samsung ISOCELL HP1 Sensor, the world’s first 200MP smartphone camera sensor.

Samsung has officially announced that it is working on a 600MP camera sensor. Haechang Lee, Senior Vice President, Automotive Sensor, Samsung Electronics, at the SEMI Europe Summit. He added that his company plans to launch a 576MP camera sensor by 2025.

However, the 576MP Camera Sensor, which will be launched in 2025, is not for smartphones and can be expected to be used for motors. It is expected to be used for camera devices and medical devices such as drones, but Samsung will not use it for smartphones.

The 576MP camera sensor is expected to revolutionize the field of camera sensor with the forthcoming launch of the human eye.

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