Australia created fluorescent markings on road floors, for better visibility at night.

In Australia, the government is rolling out a $245 million AUD road safety program to make Victoria’s roads safer for vulnerable road users like cyclists and pedestrians. Some of the projects that the budget covers include LED-lit pavement near intersections, as well as more reflective applications of road markings.

Victorian company Tarmac Linemarking shared images of a trial run of the glow-in-the-dark road markings on its Facebook page, which are impressive, to say the least. Even in complete darkness, the lines on the road are clearly visible thanks to the application of the special finish.

Tarmac Linemarking says the new technology would be “an outstanding product for pedestrians and bike lanes, roads, boat ramps, and many more applications.”

Not only will this make staying between the lines easier for drivers at night, but bicycle riders and pedestrians as well. Hopefully, the idea catches on and makes it to more parts of the world, as we can see no downside to a more visible road line.

In addition to the photo-luminescent road lines, the government will also be implementing LED-lit pavement near intersections and other more reflective road markings.

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