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Tonight while I was out riding around looking for something to eat

Tonight while I was out riding around looking for something to eat, I was riding on I-10 and I noticed this elderly lady driving by herself headed towards Florida. I noticed that she was weaving all over her lane and at one point she nearly side swiped a truck to her right, they blew the horn and she eased over to the other lane so I decided to pull her over to check on her.

I got her stopped and she told me that she was trying to make it to Pensacola, so I asked where was she coming from and she stated she was coming from San Antonio. She told me that she was OK and that she could make it to P’cola so I advised her that she wasn’t gonna make it driving like that so I asked when was the last time she ate anything and she told me around lunch time so I escorted her to Waffle House on DIP. I sat outside in the car until she finished eating.

She walked out and tried to offer me some money, but I told her I couldn’t accept that because it’s part of my job to protect and serve so she asked me would I accept a hug and I told her I would do that. The Moral of the story is if we just look out for each other this would be a Better Country. I guess I don’t have to work for a Major Police Department to be able to help someone in need…I Still Love This Job”

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