Without bees, there will be no humans on earth

“When you see something like this, don’t be afraid, don’t call the firefighters or the police, don’t move and don’t kill them.
These are just bees traveling and stopping for just 24 hours.
Don’t disturb them and avoid getting close to them, they won’t hurt you.

If you want to help, put a flat plate or tray with some sugar water.
Bees will eat, gain energy and fly away.
We all need to protect migratory bees, they are our survival insurance.
Without bees, there will be no humans on earth.

Have you ever found yourself in front of such a scene and put your hands in your hair because you did not know what to do and above all what not to do? First of all, do not panic and do not worry, because everything can be solved by following the valuable advice of the experts. What they tell us what to do when you see a swarm of beesperhaps at home, on a wall, on a tree in a garden.

The swarm of bees that can be seen in this period, perhaps in the external parts of the houses, but also on the trees or in the attics and in the cellars, if the insects have found an opening, should not cause concern. But of course it must be treated in such a way as not to harm people and bees themselves.

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