These Truck Drivers Stopped To Help A Thirsty Baby Elephant Who Appeared Out Of Nowhere

In the spring of 2017, while traveling through Botswana, a group of truck drivers came upon a newborn elephant that was in need. The drivers even drove the thirsty elephant to a nearby sanctuary for elephants while providing her with water.

According to The Dodo, these South African truck drivers were just going about their regular workday when they came across a broken bridge that blocked their way. A frightened baby elephant suddenly appeared, forcing the drivers to halt and check the situation.

She was entirely defenseless and abandoned without her mother or the other elephants in her pack. Luckily, the drivers observed that the around 3-week-old elephant appeared thirsty and let the infant animal drink nearly 30L from their water bottles, which they documented on camera.

However, this brave crew of truck drivers didn’t want to simply abandon the newborn elephant on the side of the street without food, water, or a family, so they made the decision to take it a step further.

According to The Dodo, they loaded the baby elephant into their vehicle. They delivered her to the Elephant Sands sanctuary in Botswana, clearly changing from their intended path. That was absolutely the right move, according to one expert.

I began looking for the mother elephant and his herd on the horizon. image credits goes to the respective owner~
According to Paul Oxton, director of the Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation, “baby elephants are notoriously sensitive.” “It can take a long time before it can be said that she has totally healed, even if she has been treated extremely well and at first seems strong.”

In actuality, habitat destruction and poaching have resulted in the extinction of 144,000 elephants in the 15 African countries studied for one report over the past ten years. She ought to be fairly safe, though, because of the truck drivers’ choice to transport the young elephant to a sanctuary.

The relative success of Botswana’s attempts to preserve animals was also attested to by Oxton.

With a population of just over 2 million, Botswana is a country with comparatively few inhabitants. Still, it is also home to a staggering amount of gorgeous wild animals, including elephants.

According to NPR, the nation is actually home to more elephants than any other nation on earth, with over 130,000 of them.

The men observed that the elephant needed water. They provided a bottle from which the young animal could drink. image credits goes to the respective owner.

The injured elephant was receiving CPR, and the man could hear other elephants close. I have the instinct to rescue lives, but I was concerned the entire time since I could hear the mother and other elephants wailing for the youngster, according to Srivate, who spoke to Reuters.

The situation could get even more dangerous if the mother elephant noticed a human holding a wounded kid.

Srivate had never given CPR to an elephant before, so he needed to make a quick decision.

Srivate’s efforts were all successful. He admitted, “I almost cried when the baby elephant moved. It is a marvel that this man handled a potentially fatal circumstance with such rapid thinking and the right action.

Fortunately, the baby elephant made it back to its mother, and both the man and the elephant were safe. We may be confident that decent people are watching out for these gorgeous creatures because of the stories that have been shared.

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