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Even Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg reportedly uses the Signal App for messaging without using WhatsApp

The news of the leak of 533 million Facebook users to the internet caused a great deal of controversy last week, and now more information about such leaks is being revealed.

Along with all the information like name, phone number, location, wedding details, date of birth and Facebook User ID, the information of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has also been revealed and it is a bit funny and surprising.

In addition, another controversial piece of news about Mark Zuckerberg has been leaked, which is that he is using WhatsApp, another competitor to WhatsApp, instead of his company’s world – class billion – messeging service.

Dave walker pointed this out in a Twitter message and even mentioned the phone number used by Mark Zuckerberg for the signal service.

WhatsApp has caused a great deal of controversy since the beginning of this year due to a change in its Privacy Policy, which requires that you agree to the policy or opt out of WhatsApp in order to use WhatsApp.

Despite this, many allege that this reflects the dislike of the head of the WhatsApp company for the privacy policy of his service, which indicates that he has taken steps to protect his data and collect users’ data.

As a result, Facebook is becoming increasingly discredited for protecting user data, and many technical analysts are calling for a more secure messaging service.

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