OnePlus is working to remove the Dash file transfer feature

Several Reddit users recently reported that the File Dash feature had been removed from the OnePlus File Manager app in the OnePlus 9 series, and OnePlus did not give a reason for removing the File Dash feature at the time.

But now OnePlus has come up with a reason for this, saying that they have replaced the “File Dash” feature with the “Nearby Share” feature provided by Google for easy and uninterrupted file transfer between Android devices. OnePlus points out that you can use the Nearby Share feature to do this, and if for some reason your phone does not support it, users can transfer files via bluetooth or another third-party app.

File Dash is a peer-to-peer fast wireless transfer feature that allows users to quickly transfer files to each other using the OnePlus File Manager app.

It does not require a Google account and you can receive shared files from File Dash even if you do not have a OnePlus device.

The File Dash feature was introduced for the OnePlus 3 mobile phone in late 2016 with Oxygen OS 3.5.5, with the latest update available from Google Play ( and can still be used through the OnePlus 8T’s OnePlus File Manager.

However, this feature is not found in the OnePlus 9 series with version of the app.

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