By 2030, Apple is set to carbon-neutralize all Apple devices around the world from the supply chain

Since 2018, 100% of Apple stores, Offices and Data centers around the world have switched to these renewable energy sources, and Apple says it is now working to use only renewable energy for all of its plants.

To coincide with World Earth Day on April 21, Apple announced its vision for the next decade.

They say that by 2030, Apple will be working to make all Apple devices around the world carbon neutral.

According to the vision, all iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and iMac devices will be manufactured from 100% recycled materials, and robots such as Apple Daisy will be used to separate the raw material from older Apple devices.

In addition, the packaging material used to cover all Apple products will be used to grow all the trees needed for the paper and cardboard, and to recycle the paper themselves.

In addition, hundreds of raw material manufacturers, parts assemblers, device manufacturers and testers who contribute to the manufacturing process of Apple products are directed to use 100% renewable energy.

Apple is currently working to obtain zero-waste certification for assemblies that assemble iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, AirPods, HomePod, Apple TV, and Beats devices. It does not release waste into the environment.

The next biggest and most difficult task is for Apple to provide the same amount of energy used by all Apple devices worldwide through renewable energy sources.

Theoretically, by the year 2030, renewable energy will be used to power all Apple devices in the world.

Solar projects in countries such as the Philippines, Thailand and South Africa are already supplying power to their power systems, and Apple is set to launch the world’s largest coastal wind turbines project in Denmark this year.

Apple points out that all the data centers already used for Siri, iMessage, and iCloud services are powered by this renewable energy.

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