Google officially announces the release of the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro models on October 19th

There are two occasions when mobile phone lovers all over the world are eagerly awaiting. That’s when Apple launches the iPhone and Google launches the Pixel phones. Almost every year in the months of September and October, Apple and Google release the above two models of mobile phones respectively.

Apple has already released the 2021 mobile phones for sale in the market. Now the only thing left is Google’s opportunity. Google has officially announced the release date of their upcoming Pixel 6 series of mobile phones for the year 2021.

Google’s Pixel Fall Launch event is set to launch on October 19 at 10am (10:30 pm Sri Lanka time). The announcement was made a day after the launch of Android 12 AOSP by Google.

Google has launched a non-traditional website to launch these Pixel 6 phones, which will be accessible to people around the world via They even created the site using elements of the new interface that Google has used for the Pixel 6 model this time around.

Although the site does not mention the specifications of these mobile phones, it is a well known fact that the latest mobile phone used by Google is the latest Google Tensor chipset, a joint venture between Samsung and Samsung.

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