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The Old Man and Dog


It broke my heart to see him so alone and confused. And suddenly I managed to make his teary eyes meet mine. I don’t like the smell of sad. I wanted so badly to jump on him. He spoke to me tenderly and I knew, I had to rescue him! That human needed me. So I barked with all my might, followed him for blocks and blocks.

I got closer, I could smell his hands. The human smiled for an instant and when he took me in his arms, I began to feel his cold heart warm. I got close to his cheeks and felt a tear roll down them. I looked deeply at him and his response was a bright smile. I jumped excitedly into his arms, I promised to behave myself, love him forever and never leave his side.

How lucky he was to pass through that block, down that street and I also feel lucky.
There were so many people walking by and no one was looking at me. All worried, all involved in his problems. I’m glad no one else chose me! Today I saved a life. Today I adopted a human.

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