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There’s A Blue Java Banana And It Apparently Tastes Like Vanilla Ice Cream

There’s nothing better on a hot day than a selection of fresh cold fruit especially exotic fruit. Although a cheeky pineapple and watermelon medley is about as exotic as I get, however after reading the news lately I feel pretty damn standard. There’s a new member to the exotic fruit family known as the Blue Java Banana and this is the don of the fruit market ; not only is it blue but it tastes of ice cream.

Known as Blue Java Banana, this unique creamy-textured variety has taken over social media and foodies who are always on the lookout for new things to try are going gaga over it.

these bananas are triploid hybrids of seeded bananas Musa Acuminata and Musa Balbisiana. In Hawaii, it’s popular as the Ice Cream Banana. The trees have an average height ranging from 15 to 20 feet and the leaves are silver green in colour.

Native to tropical areas like Hawaii, Central America, and Southeast Asia, they are known by different names in different parts of the world. They are called Hawaiian Banana in Fiji, Krie in the Philippines, Cenizo in Central America, and so on. Their scientific name is Musa acuminata and balbisiana Blue Java and requires a temperature of 40 Fahrenheit to grow.

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