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Hackers have reportedly released more than 100,000 PDFs, including invoice templates containing malware.

As you may know, it is very common for office workers to download templates of Questionnaires, Invoices, Receipts etc. in their day to day activities.

However, research by engineers at eSentire has revealed that a group of hackers have been able to add trojan viruses to such templates and add them to the Internet on a large scale.

They point out that when such files are added to the Internet, users who visit the relevant websites through the search engine are unknowingly redirected to these dangerous files while trying to download the files contained in them.

They also point out that Remote Access Trojan (RAT) type viruses can be installed on the computers used by those users, and that the software can be used to install other malware as well as allow hackers to use the computer as needed.

This virus allows a large number of vulnerabilities such as stealing information from computers or computers on the network connected to it, installing dangerous viruses such as ransomware, and stealing banking details.

These engineers have now identified more than 100,000 such dangerous web pages, and as they are optimized for business – related keywords such as template, invoice, receipt, questionnaire, and resume, this is often the main goal of office workers. They guess that has happened.

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