Rode’s latest Connect app.

Rode has introduced their latest app called Rode Connect. The best mic for someone starting out as a podcast is a USB microphone. That’s because these USB microphones are easy to use and cost effective. So the only place a podcast can have a problem is when several people are going to mic. Rode has released this app as a solution for this.

So this app is called Rode Connect. This app can record multitracks or do something like mixed stereo audio. Also, this Rode Connect app can plug in four USB microphones. So this Rode Connect app can currently only use Rode’s $ 99 NT-USB Mini microphone. We can think of this Rode Connect app as a virtual version of Rode’s big hardware mixer. This can be very useful for someone who does not have an external mixer or an XLR microphone.

Although this Rode Connect app is very good, it has a lot of problems. One is that we all know that the NT-USB Mini is not the best-sounding USB microphone in Rode, so we can only expect limited sound quality. Also, a person who has a 2020 Mac book will not be able to connect four mics directly, because this Mac book has two ports. So we hope you find this information very useful.

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