The Telegram app on the Google Play Store has over a billion downloads

Telegram is one of the messenger apps that has benefited the most from the recent crash of Facebook and its apps. The Telegram app continues to grow rapidly. How much has it grown?

The Telegram app has now surpassed one billion downloads in the Play Store, a very important milestone. The Play Store data shows that there are more than one billion Android users using the Telegram app.

Also, we are seeing a rapid increase in the number of Telegram users as there are still iPhone and iPad users who install the Telegram app from the app store as well as users who use Telegram for PC.

This is due to the migration of users with WhatsApp’s Privacy Policy issue as well as the recent crashes on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Telegram founder Pavel Durov recently announced that the collapse of Facebook had sent 70 million new users to Telegram.

And with the increase in the user community, we’re posting more than 2 billion telegram ids this month.

Most importantly, the Telegram app crossed the 500 million mark in the Play Store in May 2020. That is, the Android app has managed to cross this billion download mark in a short period of time.

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