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In Switzerland, there are movie theaters where you can book a double bed instead of a seat

A cinema in Switzerland is blurring the line between at-home comfort and a night out at the theatre with the introduction of a new auditorium equipped with beds instead of seats.

Pathe Switzerland, launched three special “VIP” theatres earlier this month in the small city of Spreitenbach, located northwest of Zurich.

In one of the new theatres, movie-goers will be able to lie back in double beds complete with adjustable headrests, pillows, and bedsheets. Oh, and a free pair of comfy slippers is also included for VIP ticket holders.

A VIP ticket costs 49 francs (around $48.50) and includes free food and a drink, while regular tickets cost 19.50 francs (or $19). By paying for the VIP ticket, you also won’t have to wait in queues to get your snacks and drinks, either.

The cinema even offers slippers to enhance the experience for you. And in case that’s not fancy enough for you, Venanzio Di Bacco, the CEO of Pathé Switzerland has also announced that they’re launching new food offerings including waffles and crepes.

Not only do adults get to enjoy the new cinema experience – there’s a children’s cinema area as well and it has bean bags, a ball pit, and even a slide to use instead of stairs. The ticket for kids costs 14.50 francs ($14) per child.

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