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The Surplus Of Apple Harvest

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In Norway, when people see that there is an excess of apples on their trees, they do this kind of action so others can pick them and consume them instead of rotting on the ground. Beautiful

A picture of bags of apples hanging from a fence is going viral on social media with the claim that it is common practice for the people of Norway to hang apples from their fences so that the poor, hungry and homeless can avail the fruits for free.

The post says, In Norway, people harvested their apples and hanged them in their respective fences so that the poor, the hungry, and the homeless avail fruits for free. Instead of letting apple waste. Sharing is caring. The post is captioned, What would you like to say about this habit of the rich people of Norway.

According to the newspaper report, this task is not common to the whole Norway, but specific to the one generous lady named Inger Garas.

This is not a common incident in Norway which catches the attention of local media also. So, it’s some unique to this generous lady.

We have contacted Garas to know whether she is still continuing her charity works.

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