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Man Makes Winter Shelters For Stray Cats Out Of Discarded Coolers

Stray animals face a particularly difficult time during winter. When the temperatures drop, our homeless furry friends are still roaming out in the open while we’re sitting warmly and cozily at home. Luckily, there are people out there who are doing their best to make sure that stray animals have a warm place to sleep.

Philip Rogich is one of such people. The man based in Ogden, Utah is turning other people’s trash into little homes for stray and feral cats. Philip uses discarded coolers to turn them into warm and dry places for felines to sleep during the cold season. “I saw a Facebook post about a man making them and thought I would give it a try. I made my own post looking for old coolers and it kind of took off. I do a lot of charity work mostly with children.

Using a 6-inch drill bit, Rogich crafts each “cat cooler” shelter by cutting out a hole in the side of the cooler. Once he lines the holes with strips of pipe insulation foam, he fills the cooler with straw for bedding.

Rogich told GNN this week that he managed to place 150 cat coolers around Riverdale and Ogden before he was forced to put his passion project on hold in order to move houses.

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