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Worlds Most Beautiful, Amazing and Unusual Seahorses

Have you ever seen a majestic seahorse swimming about in the sea or in an aquarium? If you have you are very lucky, but what you might not know are there are 45 species of seahorses swimming around in the world’s seas and oceans and here are just a small selection most beautiful, amazing and unusual Seahorses you

1 Lined Seahorse (Hippocampus erectus)

This is one of the most common seahorses houses in aquariums due to their colourful and distinctive markings. One thing worthy of note is that the lined seahorse’s eyes can move independently of one another, allowing it to effectively scan its surroundings.

2 Paradoxical Seahorse (Hippocampus paradoxus)

There is only one known specimen of this seahorse ever captured and it remained unnoticed in a museum for over 10 years. Unlike other species of seahorse, it is considered seemingly absurd or self-contradictory hence its name.

3 Japanese Seahorse (Hippocampus mohnikei)

Also called the lemur-tail seahorse it is oddly noticeable by its ridgelike coronet and flattened spines. While mostly black in colour they do come in a range of colours depending on location.

4 bTiger Tail Seahorse (Hippocampus comes)

This one gets a mention due to its tail which has stripes from the belly to the tip of the tail. They are found in many subtidal aquatic beds and coral reefs and while their natural habitats are dissapearing they are not thought to be in any danger of disappearing soon.

5 The Giant Seahorse (Hippocampus ingens)

You would be forgiven for being a little confused as we have already been introduced to the largest seahorse species in the world Big-Belly Seahorse (Hippocampus abdominalis). once thought to the biggest species it does indeed grow to 12 to 19 centimetres (4.7 to 7.5 in) in height, but that isn’t anywhere near the biggest. But it might win an award for the brightest colour.

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