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After Teaching His Son Math for One Year, A Father Cried When His Son Scored 6/100 in Math Exam

There is no doubt that parents would extend help to their children, especially in their school work. Some parents would go the extra mile to spend for expensive schools so their children would have stellar knowledge and bring home good grades.

Unfortunately, not all children would respond in a way that the parents would expect. Although there are days that they would help boost their child’s academic performance, the results still return meager.

Recently, a father from China received his son’s Mathematics exam result and burst out in tears. It turns out that his son only received 6 points out of a 100-item Mathematics exam

the Chinese media People’s Daily News shared a video on Weibo of a young father in a room, sobbing and wiping the tears off his eyes. They revealed in the story that it was his son’s 6-point score that led him into utter sadness. The father lives in Zhengzhou, Henan, with his wife.

It was also revealed that the father has been staying up all night every day to personally teach his son Mathematics by using his ‘superior’ math knowledge. Unfortunately, his hard work did not pay off.

ET Today reports that in the past, the son scores 40 to 50 in his exams and sometimes reaches as high as 80 or 90. The father could not come to terms with the result since it is only 6/100, which is rather inconsistent compared to his son’s good scores in the past.

Some also pointed out that the father may be teaching Mathematics to the child from his perspective instead of his son’s, hence, confusing the child while solving in class.

According to 8world News, some people claim that the father’s late-night tutoring may have affected his son’s focus in school since he may be too tired and sleepy during class.

Nevertheless, it was evident that the father was disappointed since he did his best in helping his son through his Mathematics classes. No one said that being a parent would be easy. 9 hours of studying and reviewing for exams, it still does not guarantee high scores.

While the father feels that his hard work was for nothing, his son may have appreciated his help, and his efforts will be remembered while he grows up. Always see it through your child’s perspective, too. After all, the failure may have also affected them.

It also brings such pleasure to see our children bring home high scores from their exams. In that way, we realize that they do pay attention in class. Let the teachers do the teaching. We, the parents, are here to support our children’s mode of learning in school. They can do it better.

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