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Signal is working to test a privacy-focused payments feature

Over the past few months, Signal has introduced a number of new features, including encrypted group calls, custom wallpapers, and animated stickers, to take advantage of the recent downturn in WhatsApp, Signal’s biggest competitor.

Currently, Signal is launching a new privacy-focused payments feature in the UK to give Signal users an alternative to WhatsApp Payments.

According to a blog post by Signal’s developers, the latest beta update available for the Signal app introduces a new feature called Signal Payments, which allows users to send and receive payments to the platform using MobileCoin.

MobileCoin is a privacy-focused payments protocol that provides users with a digital wallet and a cryptocurrency called MOB.

The latest Signal beta update gives Signal users in the UK the ability to easily send and receive money from a MobileCoin wallet linked to the Signal app, as well as a simple interface that allows them to track your balance and check your transaction history.

Because of the way MobileCoin is designed, Signal does not have access to any of your payment information.

This feature is currently restricted to users in the UK, but it is expected to expand to other regions soon.

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