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White & Green Decorations
This eco-first festive vision was growing in popularity last year. And it is sure to be a key trend for Christmas 2022.

Light greens add colour to a predominantly white palette. Accents of woody brown, terracotta and gold add warmth to designs. The resulting fresh, natural aesthetic contrasts fabulously with the time of year.

Or for an even more natural ambience, ease off the lighter tones and embrace a variety of shades of green (and greenery!) against darker earthy brown tones. Finish with accents of matt black and gold for a modern take on cosy rustic.

Popular natural textures such as stone, linen, wood and cork will add depth and interest. And delicate patterns inspired by the natural world will be prominent on everything from crockery and glassware to tree ornaments and tealight holders.


Bright Colourful Pom pom wreath and bunting
We have always believed in making Christmas perfectly yours. And this is most certainly the year to do just that

One of the key Christmas trends for 2022 looks set to be vibrant colours and atypical Christmas décor. Lanterns, honeycomb balls and festoon lighting that we are far more used to seeing in summer parties will feature heavily in Christmas aesthetics this year.

The repurposing of year-round décor helps to manage cost. And a desire to start new traditions, celebrate fully after all the recent doom and gloom, and embrace individuality all feed into this wonderfully colourful trend. Expect to see bright pinks, oranges, blues and purples clashing together and creating a scene more festival than festive


Lavender Lilac Pastel Christmas Wreath
Pastel colour palettes have been popular for Christmas in recent years, and this trend looks set to continue. But we predict that the pale pinks will start to give way to light purple tones as we head into Christmas 2022 and beyond.

Lavender is very on trend everywhere right now. Its calm tone is the perfect antidote to the busy time of year and brings a fresh lightness to more traditional colour palettes over the Christmas season.

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